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Cardamom and cinnamon rolled pork tenderloin pic

Cinnamon cardamom pork tenderloin

I started cooking for a past customer again this week. She has an extremely strict diet due to many food allergies. Her doctor set her up on a special diet made from ingredients she tested less reactive to, with the ingredients she could have each day changing. Needless to say, she was very overwhelmed by the restrictions. She needed dishes both she and her husband could eat without getting discouraged or bored.

For her first dish for the week, I made a cinnamon and cardamom rubbed pork tenderloin with steamed leeks and sauteed squash and zucchini.

For a second dish, I glazed turkey tenderloin in agave syrup and roasted it, then served it with steamed rice and a mixture of lightly cooked fresh pear, green pepper and a little nutmeg. (pic to come)

The third dish was a fresh dill rubbed chicken breast browned in sunflower oil and served with steamed quinoa and a bean medley dressed with fresh lemon juice. (pic to come)

The last dish for the week was pan seared tilapia with sweet potato casserole topped with toasted water chestnuts, and roasted green cabbage seasoned with a little butter and savory. (sorry no pic)

Though there were only four different dishes, I prepared enough of each last for lunch and dinner for seven days. I’ll be back next week.

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Eliminating excuses and eating well

I can’t cook. Healthy food is boring. Eating healthy is expensive. I don’t know how to eat healthy. I get tired of eating the same thing over and over. There’s gluten/corn syrup/salt/oil in everything on the shelf. Healthy food has no flavor. I don’t have time to cook. Healthy food costs too much. I eat healthy at home but there are no healthy choices at work. It’s too hard to make one thing for me and something else for my family. Healthy food doesn’t fill me up. Produce goes bad before I can eat it all.

Excuses. We’re full of them, all of us. For some though, excuses can have a serious negative impact on their health, quality of life, and even how long they live. No one wants to die young, so why do so many people make excuses for not eating what their Dietitians and Doctors have said they have to eat to regain their health?

Unfortunately, those of us in the “keeping people healthy business” don’t have the time and the training to diagnose potential emotional challenges those we help may have. We can’t know where their excuses come from. We can only provide our own expertise and service to do what is within our power to help them. For Dietitians, that is providing them with direction on what to put into their body, education on food and nutrition, and a road map to give them an opportunity to be healthy. From there, the challenge is getting people to actually follow that direction, getting them to eat healthy, getting rid of their excuses.

That is where having a “Friend that Cooks” helps. Friend that Cooks is a home chef service that operates in Wichita and Kansas City. We
have personal chefs that shop, cook, clean up and stock the refrigerators of our friends and customers with delicious meals that meet the nutrition and dietary specifications their Dietitians and Doctors put together for them. We eliminate excuses.
When people tell us they get bored eating healthy, or run out of ideas after the first week, we tell them how our chefs are knowledgeable of ethnic cuisines from all over the world, experienced cooking for Diabetics, people with Celiac Disease, vegetarians, and those with dietary restrictions of all types. We also tell them of the fantastic cook book collections we have to fit all tastes and how they are able to make up recipes on the spot just by looking into a refrigerator at ingredients.

When people talk about how much healthy meals cost, we tell them how we cook from scratch and use inexpensive ingredients that aren’t marked up and can be bought at most grocery stores instead of buying and reselling food to them at 4 to 5 times the cost of that food the way that restaurants and caterers do. We also tell them about how we can prepare an entire week’s worth of food in just 4 to 5 hours, billed at a very reasonable rate, and how the average cost of our service for a family is less than half the cost of eating out.
Friend that Cooks has a way to remove all the excuses people have for not eating well. We make it easy. We make it affordable. We make it delicious. What we don’t do is to represent ourselves as Dietitians, Nutritionists or Doctors. We let the specialists guide our customers on nutrition advice then we execute their plan, taking over where their help ends. They are the experts on nutrition, and we are the experts on preparing nutritious food. We are chefs. We are your Friend that Cooks. No more excuses.

Brandon O’Dell operates Friend that Cooks Home Chef Service in the Wichita and Kansas City metro areas and also works as a restaurant consultant. You can find out more about Friend that Cooks by visiting their website, blog, Facebook or Twitter page. Friend that Cooks chefs undergo background checks and are bonded and insured.
(316) 361-0823 Wichita
(913) 660-0790 Kansas City