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Countdown to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Eve: What you should be prepping 1 day out 



We are one day away from the big Turkey day! Do you have everything ready to go? Are you frantically running around wondering what needs to be done today? Here’s a few things you should be prepping one day out from Thanksgiving!

-Today is the day to start making any sides that will reheat well, like casseroles.

-Start chopping and prepping for garnishes, toppings, salad greens and stuffing ingredients.

-If your stuffing recipe calls for stale bread, cut the bread now and set the cubes on a baking sheet to dry out.

-You can also bake your pies, so they have time to cool overnight before serving.

-Finish all your baking and store it in the fridge or on the counter over night

-Set the table

-Complete light housecleaning

What other tips and tricks do you use to prep the day before thanksgiving?

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Countdown to Thanksgiving

What to prepare for 1 Week out from Thanksgiving

We are 1 week away from Thanksgiving. Hopefully your guest list is finalized, and your menu has been planned. But what should you be prepping for one week before the big day? Here are a few tips to make sure you are on the right track to a stress-free day!

Pick Up Your Turkey
If you’ve ordered a turkey, now is the time to pick it up so you can be prepped to defrost it. If you haven’t planned for your turkey yet, purchase a frozen bird today so it will be able to defrost properly in the fridge.

Shop for Non-Perishables
Divide up your shopping list into perishables and non-perishables and get the latter out of the way now. Non-perishables include equipment, decor, paper goods and cleaning supplies – but could also include baking ingredients like flour, sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, canned pumpkin and cranberries. Wait until the day before Thanksgiving to buy fresh vegetables, seafood and bread.

Prepare a Cooking Schedule
Being organized is the key to keeping stress at a minimum on turkey day. Review your recipes and create a day-by-day schedule for the week leading up to Thanksgiving as well as a day-of plan.

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Marinating technique and recipe ¦ Friend That Cooks blog

marinated tri tip sirloin

Here’s how I prefer to marinate meat when I’m cooking for busy families, food allergies and dietary restrictions. I use freezer bags. This allows me to use less marinade, less seasoning and get better coverage of the meat. Marinades that have too much liquid to meat dillute the herbs and spices used in them. Not to mention, they need more salt which could raise the sodium content.

tri tip marinating

For this marinade, I used 2.5 lbs of sirloin tri-tip with .25 oz chopped fresh rosemary, a little ground thyme, onion powder, salt and ground pepper. The liquid was two parts Worcestershire to one part balsamic vinegar, 1 part low sodium soy sauce. Just enough liquid to wet the meat. I then massage the meat around to distribute the ingredients, partially zip the bag, then squeeze out all the extra air as I roll the bag around the meat and zip the rest of the way.

I seared this tri-tip in a little canola oil after marinating for an hour. The longer you marinate, the less salt you should use as the meat will absorb more salt out of the liquids the longer it sits in them.

tri tip with goat cheese polenta

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