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Lose Weight Walking – Health Ambition

walking up stairs for weight lossCan You Lose Weight by Walking?

As the end of summer approaches and school starts back up,  schedules start to fill up quickly again. Sometimes you start to lose sight of your daily tasks and goals, like keeping up with your fitness regime. Maybe you haven’t exercised in a while or just starting out. Some people might be nervous about getting started or need that extra push to start up again. Walking is a great first step for that (pun intended).

Our friend, Helen from Health Ambition, wrote an article about the benefits of walking and how to get started. Walking is a great low impact exercise with a high impact on reducing stress and improving overall health and weight loss. Did you know that walking 75 minutes a week can drastically improve general health conditions. Check out the article below for quick tips, tricks and motivation to start walking again!

Can You Lose Weight Walking 

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Not Enough Pediatricians Providing Lifestyle Counseling –Doctors Lounge

Pediatricians and general praticioners are not providing enough nutritional, exercise and health advice to children, the following article claims. Personally, I believe it. While it is primarily your responsibility to monitor your own diet, it is your doctor’s first concern to advise you on your health. Don’t wait for your doctor’s advice, ask them what you should be doing to improve your diet…

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