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Paleo friendly sage crusted pork ¦ Friend That Cooks Blog


Sage turkey and roasted pepper salsa pic
Sage turkey and roasted pepper salsa

Lean pork tenderloin crusted with fresh sage and thyme, pan seared then roasted. Served with roasted red pepper relish, carrots and steamed broccoli. Just one of four dishes prepared for a new Kansas City weekly meal prep customer who is recovering from cancer surgery.

2 thoughts on “Paleo friendly sage crusted pork ¦ Friend That Cooks Blog

  1. Could I please have te recepe off this pork!
    Tank you!

    1. Hi Nathalie! I didn’t use a recipe for the pork, but I can describe the technique. It works for most herbs crusts.

      First, I trimmed all the fat and silver skin off the pork and put it in a bowl.

      Second, I finely chopped a few sage leaves and a sprig of thyme with fresh garlic.

      Third, I combine the chopped herbs and garlic with sea salt and cracked pepper on top of the pork in the bowl.

      Fourth, I drizzled about a tbsp of olive oil on the pork and rubbed the seasonings into it. The oil should be just enough to distribute the seasonings with there being enough oil to pool in the bowl.

      Last, I preheated a stainless steel pan over med-high heat. Use it as soon as it’s hot. You shouldn’t let a hot empty pan sit on a live burner. Then I put in a little avocado oil (or some other high heat oil) and swirled it just long enough to smoke to season the pan and make it non-stick. I dump that oil (because it’s burnt), then add a new tablespoon of oil.

      Fifth, I sear the outside of the pork on all sides until it’s nice and brown, not black.

      Last, once it’s brown I put the pork in a 425° oven until it’s 145° in the center of the meat.

      Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before you cut it.

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