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Healthy Eating From Plant to Plate

Plant to Plate Meal Prep

Fresh Herb PlantFresh Herbs from PlantMeatball Marinara from fresh herb plant

From plant to plate! Our in-home #PersonalChefs will utilize your garden to help save money and add some extra flavor into your healthy weekly #mealprep dishes.

This meatball in marinara with pasta, broccoli and green beans is just one example of how our chefs can use fresh herbs and vegetables from your garden in the dishes. Using your own garden will not only save you money, but also insure that your getting the freshest ingredients.

As the summer goes on, you will start harvesting more herbs and veggies than you know what to do with. Let our chefs create dishes from your garden that you can freeze for later or eat right now. We can make tomato sauce, casseroles, bread, or soup to freeze for the winter. Or you could throw a huge veggie barbecue for your friends and we’ll do the cooking! Whatever you decide, let us help you get the most out of your green thumb.

Learn more about how we can utilize your garden ingredients and our meal prep services at our website!

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Turkey filet with steamed kohlrabi and yellow baby carrots | Friend That Cooks blog

Turkey tenderloin filet
Turkey tenderloin filet
Here’s one of the healthy meals I made for a single meal prep customer in the Kansas City area. He eats from the Paleo diet. This particular customer is looking for another individual or two to share our service with. We do the meal preparation at his house and you would just have to reimburse him for half the cost of the groceries and service. His current grocery bill is around $50 per week and service is around $100 per week. Adding another person to the service would likely add only around $50 per week to the total cost. That’s around $100 each.

This is a pan seared bacon wrapped turkey tenderloin filet that is pan seared in a little canola oil and served with steamed brussel sprouts, and steamed kohlrabi with baby yellow carrots.

Friend That Cooks Home Chef Service offer weekly meal prep for families in Kansas City and Wichita with busy schedules, food allergies and health related dietary restrictions. We send a talented personal chef to your home to shop, cook, clean up and stock your refrigerator with a week’s worth of healthy meals. Learn more at

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Not Enough Pediatricians Providing Lifestyle Counseling –Doctors Lounge

Pediatricians and general praticioners are not providing enough nutritional, exercise and health advice to children, the following article claims. Personally, I believe it. While it is primarily your responsibility to monitor your own diet, it is your doctor’s first concern to advise you on your health. Don’t wait for your doctor’s advice, ask them what you should be doing to improve your diet…

Try our cooking service to improve your diet with Weekly Meal Prep from

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Dietitians choose "mindful eating" over calorie counting for some patients – Winston-Salem Journal

An article from the Winston-Salem Journal discusses a dietitians view on how “mindful eating”, as opposed to calorie counting can help in nutrition and weight loss. This is a concept that we at Friend that Cooks strongly embrace. We focus on incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables and meats into our dishes, and package portions based on realistic appetites rather than using restaurant portions. Its also very important to eat foods that taste great and are interesting. If you are focused more on the interesting taste of the food, you are less inclined to need to overeat.

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