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Chef’s Spotlight- Elizabeth Armstrong


This month’s Chef’s Spotlight features our new admin and office assistant, Elizabeth Armstrong.  Elizabeth was born and raised in Olathe, Kansas. She graduated from Olathe South High School in 2006 and went on to receive a Bachelor’s in Mass Media Advertising with a minor in fine arts from Washburn University in 2013.  Elizabeth spent a period of time designing websites and teaching drawing classes to elementary school kids.  She has also worked in the service industry for 14 years.

Elizabeth has a passion for all kinds of art and helping others. Staying creative is an ongoing outlet for her. She enjoys going to art exhibits, being out in nature, spending time with her niece, going to concerts and binge watching Netflix.

WELCOME ELIZABETH!  Not technically a chef, but definitely an important addition to our Friend That Cooks family, Elizabeth started with us in early May.  She works in our new headquarters office in Shawnee as our office assistant, website tamer and social media guru.  Check out her work on our Facebook and other social media platforms.



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Build Your Cookbook Library Like A Pro

We all have it.  That one book sitting on the counter.  Bent spine, dogeared, bookmarked and stained.  It’s the go-to.  The favorite.  Maybe it’s a collection of family heirlooms, a digital wallet stored on your iPad, a wedding present from your dear Aunt Sally, or a corner bookstore find.  A good cookbook can help plan that Thanksgiving feast for 20 or Tuesday night’s meatloaf supper.

For our chefs, they are a source of inspiration, and a education.  Just like a any other professional, chefs need to keep up with current trends, and brush up on techniques learned early in our careers.  It’s more than a hobby- it’s a lifestyle.

We get asked all the time, “What book should I have in my kitchen?”.  So we wanted to put together for you a  list of our chefs’ favorites.  Some are more reference books than recipe books.  But we still think they are great, even for the most novice of cooks.  Check out our list below and comment on your favorites.  Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates from Friend That Cooks!

The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook is great for everyday recipes.
Charcuterie, for meats: smoking, curing, salting and more. 
The Chefs Reference Guide is a great resource for the advanced home cook.
Instead of Google, grab a copy of Food Lover’s Companion. A great resource for anything food.
Composing the perfect dish is a breeze with Culinary Artistry. A great resource book for all home cooks.
Genuinely delicious and fun “fancy southern” cuisine from a Top Chef contestant, Fire In My Belly.
Learn everything pasta in Flour+Water: Pasta.
If bread is your thing, or maybe you want to learn, Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast is great to have in your kitchen.
The French Laundry Cookbook delivers beautiful pictures and exquisite technique.
TV show personality delivers classic and fun foods in Guy Fieri Family Food.
Sean Brock, a Charleston legend in his own right, shows you how to make classic, southern dishes that are beautiful and sustainable.
Momofuku is a must for anyone looking to step-up their Asian culinary game.
On Cooking, a texbook and staple for any cook. A must-own for all.
Staff Meals is fun and original cookbook with wholesome recipes, unique ingredients and a laid-back approach.
Bon Appetit’s The Grilling Book should be your can’t-live-without, summer grilling guide.
Get serious pastry skills with The Pastry Chef’s Companion recipe and resource guide.
Not just for vegans, Thug Kitchen’s NSFW first official cookbook has taken the food world by storm. Get serious about eating more vegetables and get a copy of this book…yesterday!


Ethnic Food Lover’s Companion makes cooking your favorite ethnic dish a breeze.
The Cook’s book is a great resource for tips and tricks from chef’s all over the world.


If you like breakfast foods, you need The Breakfast Book. Think farm-house simple.
When you aren’t sure what to pair with this, or how to spice that, The Flavor Bible is every cook’s go-to.
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What is Weekly Meal Prep? | Friend That Cooks Blog

Weekly Meal Prep

Weekly Meal Prep

Personal chefs and private chefs have been around for a long time. They haven’t been affordable to anyone but the top 1% of income earners for a long time however. Created as a “more affordable” option to traditional personal chefs, Friend That Cooks Home Chef Service offers Weekly Meal Prep in Kansas City and Wichita for families with busy schedules, food allergies and dietary restrictions due to nutrition plans or medical conditions like Diabetes or Celiac Disease.

We send a talented personal chef to your home on a weekly basis to shop, cook, clean up and stock your refrigerator with delicious meals that meet your family’s personal tastes and special nutritional needs. We do an in-person profile consultation with each family to learn about your family’s favorite dishes and recipes, restaurants, favorite food ethnicities, dis-likes, allergies and intolerance, and any special diet restrictions you might have. Your family eats different than any other family. You need meals made the way that you like them, not some standardized, limited menu that you are restricted to.

These pictures are an example of a typical week of meal prep for a family of four. Most families this size require 4.5 to 5 hours of service and around $90 – $100 per week in groceries. Smaller families, couples and individuals require less time. Larger families more time. You have several decisions you can make to help control the price of your service with Friend That Cooks Home Chef Service. Learn more about us and what we do at

Roasted chicken breast and local tomato butter
Roasted chicken breast and local tomato butter

Cumin crusted pork with Cotija sweet potato puree
Cumin crusted pork with Cotija sweet potato puree
Broiled snapper and quinoa
Broiled snapper and quinoa
Braised beef country style ribs and homemade fettucine
Braised beef country style ribs and homemade fettucine
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Weekly meal prep pictures from Friend That Cooks

I cooked Weekly Meal Prep on Friday for a new family in the Lake Quivira area. I made 8 portions of a light version of Chicken Parmesan with a homemade tomato sauce, 5 portions of marinated and seared flank steak with rosemary roasted tri-color potatoes and 4 portions of panko crusted tilapia with sundried tomato quinoa. The pictures are below. Total time for shopping, cooking and clean up was 4 hours 20 minutes at $35 per hour.

If you would like to see how much Weekly Meal Prep from a talented personal chef would cost for you and your family, contact Brandon O’Dell with Friend That Cooks Home Chef Service to set up a free profile consultation.

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Dill Roasted Orange Roughy pic

Dill Roasted Orange Roughy

Dill topped and oven roasted Orange Roughy served over steamed asparagus and sundried tomato polenta. The plate is topped with a white wine lemon butter.

For information on Weekly Meal Prep in Kansas City or Wichita, visit

Friend that Cooks is a personal chef service offering cooking by private chefs in the home or anywhere with a kitchen.