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Personal chefs in Kansas City and Wichita

You've found Friend that Cooks Home Chef Service! We are a personal chef service available exclusively in the Kansas City and Wichita, KS metropolitan areas. Coming soon to Saint Louis. We offer healthy weekly meal prep for families and individuals with busy schedules, food allergies and dietary restrictions in addition to cooking parties, lessons and private dinners in your home.

What is a home chef service?

A home chef service is a cooking service that sends personal chefs (sometimes called "private chefs") to your home on a weekly basis or for individual occasions. Your personal chef will prepare heat-and-eat healthy (or not-so-healthy if you prefer) meals for you and your family using your food and your kitchen, all for a flat hourly rate. Half a day, once a week. There's no easier way to get a quick dinner every night that is healthy, delicious and made exactly how you like it.

Meal Prep


Who uses a home chef service?

Home chef services are most often utilized by individuals or families for one of the following reasons:

  • Too busy to cook
  • No desire to cook
  • Have special dietary restrictions or food allergies
  • Don't know how to cook
  • Disability doesn't allow you to cook
  • Just need an extra hand
  • Need to eat healthier
  • Need to save money from eating out too much
  • Need someone to shop

Our clients (who we call "Friends") are everyday people who for some reason or another don't get to eat healthy, delicious homemade meals. For some Friends, our service is a money saver. For others, it's a time saver. Whatever reason you have for not being able to prepare delicious, wholesome meals for yourself, Friend that Cooks Home Chef Service is available in your area to do it for you.


Aren't personal chefs only for rich people?

Not anymore. We have created a unique business model that greatly reduces our overhead, and makes our service much more affordable than a traditional personal chef. See our rate page for more information.

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